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Check Your Paytm KYC Status

After 20/06/2018 Paytm stop showing KYC option on Paytm App. If you create a new Paytm account or you have a non-KYC Paytm account so you can't complete your KYC on Paytm App. To get KYC done read this article and watch the video mentioned below.

**Watch Video before doing anything**

Now you can't do your KYC on your App but you can submit your KYC or mini-KYC by going to a link thant mention below.

**How To Complete Full KYC**


Q1: Why do you need Aadhaar for Paytm wallet if Supreme Court has extended indefinitely linking of Aadhaar for Bank account?

Aadhaar is one of the means of proving your identity for increasing wallet limit. You can also KYC at Paytm using Passport, Voter Id, Driving license or NREGA card

Q2: Why do you ask for only Aadhaar for KYC?

Aadhaar is not the only document using which KYC can be done. However we prefer Aadhaar since you can do KYC yourself using it on Paytm app. If you want to do non-Aadhaar KYC, then request for the home visit from Paytm App & inform the Paytm executive to carry out non-Biometric KYC. Non-Biometric KYC process can take up to 4–5 days for approval

Q3: What is Paytm Payments Bank Limited? Why does Paytm wallet terms and conditions and SMS mention Paytm Payment bank (PPBL)?

Paytm Wallet is issued by Paytm Payment Bank, hence all legal terms and conditions mention PPBL. Paytm Payments Bank is India’s only mobile-first bank with zero balance — zero digital transaction charge. Paytm offers Paytm wallet and Savings bank account from Paytm Payment bank.

Q4: Why are you opening Bank Account while doing KYC? Can the agent who is doing my KYC also open my Bank account?

We don’t open Bank account as part of KYC. To open a bank account Paytm agent will need explicit consent from you. The agent will ask for another SMS to take confirmation from you. You will be sent an SMS which will mention One time code( OTP) for this confirmation. Just dont share this OTP if you dont want bank account.

Q5: What are charges for KYC?

There are no charges for KYC. It is completely FREE

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