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-:About Bell Icon :-

Bell Icon is a notification button of any YouTube channel that allow you to get all notification from that channel. If you turn on any channels notification you alloys get latest update via email or mobile app. If you are a Creator you need to tell your subscriber to press the bell icon.

How Can you make a bell icon video like me!

There are two way to make this type of bell icon video using your computer. sorry but I only talking about PC method. you can use Photoshop and Paint both to make your image file. After that you need a video editing software, You can find all project files bellow as ZIP file download it. Here I use windows movie maker because its free for all but you can use your favorite software. Now Follow my video............

-:Watch Video:-

How Notification Bell icon work?

In general, YouTube notifies you about some new and recommended videos when you enable YouTube notifications on your iPhone/iPad using the Settings app, YouTube app or from your YouTube account. However, enabling notifications this way gets you notified about all kinds of new and recommended videos based on your general preferences or activity on YouTube. This method does not guarantee that you will be getting all the notifications from any of your favorite YouTube channels or users that you want to follow. Hence, enabling notifications for individual YouTube channels, celebrities or users will allow you to become instantly aware of any new videos uploaded by these YouTube users.

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