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»» How To Password Protect a Folder in Windows 


1. Right-click inside the folder where the files you want to protect are located. The folder you want to hide can even be on your desktop

2. Select "New" from the contextual menu

3. Click on "Text Document."

4. Hit Enter. It doesn't matter what the file will be named. You can delete this text file once the lockable folder has been made.

5. Double-click the text file to open it.

6. Paste the below text into the new document:

7. Find where it says "Your-Password-Here" in the document

8. Replace "Your-Password-Here" with the password you want to lock the folder with.

9. "Select Save As..."

10. Change the file name to "FolderLocker.bat"

11. Click "Save."

12. Double-click FolderLocker.

The Locker folder has been generated!

13. Fill the Locker folder with the items you want to protect.

14. Open the FolderLocker file, because it's time to lock that folder up

15. Type "Y" into the screen.

16. Click Enter, and the Folder Locker window will disappear, along with the Locker folder itself! Your secrets are safe!

17. To unlock the folder, double-click "FolderLocker" to open it

18. Enter the password you entered in Step 8, and click Enter.

The Locker folder is back. You can open it to find your hidden files. Repeat Steps 17, 18 and 19 to lock the folder again


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