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What is GoldenGate?

GoldenGate is an Application to doing paytm agents services like KYC, Bank, BCA, Merchants, Business etc. Using GoldenGate you can do KYC to your customers and earn money.


1. What is Paytm Partner?

Paytm Partner is an initiative that enables you to earn more money by onboarding new customers on Paytm and doing KYC of both new and existing customers.As a Paytm Partner, you will also be given other opportunities in the future to sell our products and services, and earn commission.

2. Who can become a Paytm Partner?

Anybody who has a shop and an Android Smart Phone can become a Paytm Partner

3. How much can I earn by doing customer KYC?

1. For every successful KYC you complete using a biometric device, we will pay you ₹20.
2. For every successful KYC you complete manually, we will pay you ₹15.

4. How can I become a Paytm Partner?

To become a Paytm Partner, you will have to complete these 4-steps:
Step 1 - Fill up the registration form for Paytm Partner on the homepage.
Step 2 - Complete your KYC, and you will be given access to Paytm Golden Gate (GG) app.
Step 3 - Read and accept the Paytm Partner agreement in the Paytm Golden Gate (GG) app.
Step 4 - Complete the Paytm Partner training we provide and you are ready to get started!

How To Download GoldenGate App?

if you want to download Paytm goldengate App you can download from here this is very easy and safe. I provide google drive link and you can get the link below.

**How To Complete Paytm Full KYC?**

***How to Be A Paytm Agent***

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